Mobile restrooms

Restroom trailers can be made to fit any configuration, including fully equipped event trailers with hot and cold running water. With Jets™ systems on board, the comfort level of a restroom trailer increases dramatically. Using our systems in restroom trailers gives you a completele self-contained mobile sanitation solution. There is no need to connect the trailer to water, power or sewerage.

Better hygiene

Mobile restroom trailers with vacuum toilet systems provide a hygienic solution for a wide variety of challenging applications, and reduce the risk of infectious intestinal diseases.

Better comfort

With optimal sanitary conditions, concert areas are kept cleaner. Weddings are even more memorable. Workers using temporary toilet facilities during renovations, stay productive. With comfortable sanitary systems made by Jets™, mobile restroom trailers provide greater user satisfaction.

Restroom trailer advantages

- Quick to install
- Quick to expand
- Quick to take away

Download Jets™ mobile units 2009 brochure (PDF 6,6Mb)




Contractors Outlet Group (COG) is the U.S. distributor of Vacuumarator™ pumps and vacuum toilet systems made for onshore use by Jets™ AS in Norway. We supply vacuum systems to builders of mobile restrooms, as well as complete solutions for use in buildings.

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